About us

High quality standards

We’re a group of people who absolutely love what we do, and we think it shows. When we couldn’t find an e-liquid that gave us the quality and satisfaction that we were looking for, we set out on a journey to develop the very best e-liquid in the market.  And we believe we developed the very best e-liquid to vape safely and with profound satisfaction.

Made with NATURAL Ingredients

We pride ourselves in setting the bar high. That’s why we knew that making our e-liquid with Natural Ingredients in an FDA Registered facility would set the highest standards of quality and purity. All Nicobine brands and blends use non GMO ingredients and are acetal propionyl, diacetyl, acetoin and alcohol free. Every batch of Nicobine is blended with Natural Certified VG “Vegetable Glycerin”. Using this ultra premium VG results in an unparalleled flavor with a uniquely smooth finish.


With over 20 years of nicotine research and discoveries, our scientists are among the best in the world. Our Blender is a Certified Master Chef in charge of developing and formulating each new blend to perfection. Our Quality Assurance Director records and catalogs documentation on each batch.


At Nicobine, we hold ourselves to the highest standards available. Our products are made in a FDA Registered facility, set to CGMP operation standards, not a kitchen or basement like so many e-liquid makers today. Our 60,000 sq ft FDA inspected facility uses our proprietary Nicobine High Energy Homogenization System™ delivering an amazingly smooth blend you won’t find anywhere else.

The Homogeization System accomplish a variety of specific goals including improving product texture and flavor, particle size reduction, and cell disruption

Customer Service

Our Nicobine customer service is ready to assist with your order and help decide which blend is right for you.  Every order is carefully handled and shipped from our own lot controlled shipping facility.

Something more about us

Do you know why Nicobine makes all of its E-liquids in the USA?

Because doing so provides us greater control over the quality and consistency of our products.

It’s that commitment that led us to a state-of-the-art FDA inspected facility —because that’s what goes into making ultra-premium products made with Pure Vegetable Glycerin.

Nicobine is committed to our customers, we couldn’t allow an ingestible product like E-liquid to be produced by any inferior methods. Knowing that every bottle of our ultra-premium E-liquid we ship out has the same consistent taste and great quality that you’ve come to expect—that you deserve.

Higher Standards

By producing all of our E-liquid stateside, Nicobine can source the best ingredients. Other E-cigarette suppliers sometimes rely on foreign manufacturers to produce E-liquid in countries where quality standards fall far below that of the United States. Many times these E-cigarette suppliers will sell their products to customers having no idea what specific ingredients went into their E-liquid.

Nicobine holds itself to a higher standard.

By having our production based domestically, we can source premium ingredients like United States Pharmacopeia-grade Nicotine and Vegetable Glycerin.